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MORE Architecture an approachable local architect in Westmeath. We invite you to look through our portfolio and to ask us any question. Find an Architect in Westmeath, Speak with a local Architect today.


Searching Architect in Westmeath 

 Architect in Westmeath

When you search for architect on your search engine the results can be abundant. But then you start clicking on the individual websites of the listed practises and things seem to get a little bit more stagnant. A lot of local architects have let the ball slip on this one. With the more established practitioners relying solely on word of mouth its not so much important for them to maintain a time consuming website. But for those younger professionals that are eager to showcase their style of architecture and their architectural designs they see the importance of a great website.

Speak with a local Architect

Speak with a local Architect


We believe that everyone should have access to approachable and friendly architects. Architects have the ability to influence the lives of multi generations with just one sketch. They are educated in the importance of natural light. Textures and materials, comfort and warmth and many more key deciders on how you live out your daily routines. So here is your chance to speak with a local architect. If you have a question that you are dying to have answered why not just ask us. Complete the form below and one of our architects will be more than happy to respond to you.

What an architect can do for you

Whether you are planning to build your dream home or are extending and renovating your existing house, a registered architect has the qualifications, vision and experience to take you expertly through your building project.

An architect does a lot more than just provide you with a design. They help you set a viable brief and budget, guide you through the planning process, obtain quotes for the works, manage consultants like surveyors and engineers, monitor the budget and administer the construction contract.

An architect can also save you money on a project. They will research viable alternatives and solutions to suit your budget.

Architects: Design | Guide | Manage | Advise

You can read about the entire process and how much your architects fees will be in our blog (Link to What an Architect can do for you)


Make sure you work with a registered architect

Architect is a registered title in Ireland. A person cannot use the title ‘architect’ unless they are on the Register of Architects. Being placed on the Register reflects the standard and competence of an architect.

The RIAI is the Regulatory and Support Body for Architects in Ireland. You can search the Register on the RIAI website to see if your architect is registered.



We asked a work experience student to search Architect in Westmeath. She was to experiment to see how approachable are the architects in our local area. We wanted to see if someone who is not that confident could just have a conversation with a professional. So we set the goal for our student to Speak with a local Architect and see how easy it was. We used this data to form the bases of our customer service procedures.

Alternative Ways to Contact Us

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As you can see your only option is not just searching Architect in Westmeath, Speak with a local Architect. There are many mediums you can contact us on including the old email and phone call mediums too.

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