Balrath House

A modern Georgian style two storey house plan

5 Bedroom - 198msq plus a 23msq Garage

A new build, modern Georgian style two storey house plan

Balrath house is a modern take on Georgian style dwellings. Externally the proportions are meticulously set out to ensure the design stays true to an authentic Georgian house. For example, the height of the house is determined by the length of the house. The size of the windows are determined by golden ratio.

The chimney’s, windows, main entrance, dining room and the out build creates perfect symmetry to the observer approaching from the driveway entrance.

Equally, the proportions of Georgian style extend inwards to room sizes and ceiling heights.

However, we have carefully designed that the location of rooms are prioritised to their function and to maximise natural daylight. This is a very interesting project and would suit a lot of sites across the country.

Schedule of Accommodation

  • Open Plan Kitchen and Dining
  • Broken Plan Living Room
  • Detached Garage
  • Separate Sitting Room
  • Large Utility
  • Ground Floor Bedroom
  • Generous Master Bed with Spacious Wardrobe and Ensuite
  • Three additional Bedrooms each with their own Changing Areas

What You Receive

A single A1 sheet containing all plans, elevations and sections needed for a Planning Permission Application


You get;

✓ Hardcopy in PDF format
✓ Softcopy in AutoCAD format
✓ A blank title block on the bottom of the drawing two you can fill in your project details


You don’t get;

  • A Site Layout Plan
  • Other Planning Permission Documents
  • Additional 3D Images


Please keep in mind that before you lodge your planning application you will need supplementary documentation to accompany your planning drawings. You can find out more about this once you have purchased your house plans here.

Balrath House

Price: €495

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