A large break was created in the streetscape when the access road was constructed for Meadowvales residents.

The house types to the rear or the proposed development are two storey A-shaped roofs with gable ends.

The existing form of Jimmy’s Pub are hipped roofs with a mix of one and two storey heights.

Directly across the road are house types of two storey A-shape roofs with gabled ends.

The proposed design creates a more visually appealing focal point
approaching from the west. It
simplifies all the existing projections and over emphasis of roofs.

The designs has returned the streetscape easterly which now invites Meadowvales into the village. It will no longer be a disjointed residential estate at the back of a pub.

By incorporating traditional
proportions this design has levelled the roof lines without overpowering any one existing element.

Noted from google streetview images are multiple gable walls and roof pitches.

Alternitively the proposed design mimics the existing vitorian house’s roof by incorporating the hipped A-shape.

The lower eaves and ridge line helps to set the proposal into the exisitng environment without being a
menacing structure.

In regards the two townhouses, we have designed a set in the units. This not only increased solar gains for the floor plans but it allow an element of a gable end to be included in the building’s form.

With this delicate blend of roof types we are able to maintain existing forms while creating softer visual lines for the surrounding residents.

We have minimized windows to the north and east to reduce on
overlooking and thermal loss.

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