MORE provides architectural, 3D visualisation and purchasable house plan services within the shop

More is a company that divides it’s shop into three departments. Architecture, 3D Visualisation Suite and House Plan Store. MORE understands that you and your project are unique and so we must provide an unique array of services to best suit your project’s needs.

Architectural Services Architectural Services


Architecture can be exciting, fun and creative. With the the right Architect the process of designing your dream home can be exhilarating and enlightening. During your design consultation your enthusiasim and excitement will merge with our architect’s passion and experience to develop the best design for your brief.


 Visualisation SuiteDormer External view 1


Visualisation Suite.

The 3D Visualisation Suite consists of a range of services. MORE has designed the Visualisation Suite to maximise your budget. You can choose from the services that best suit your projects needs.


Purchase House Plans

House Plans

House Plan Shop.

The Founders of MORE realised that not everyone is prepared to commission an architect. The House Plan Store was developed to provide you with architecturally designed house plans. Browse through the plans and when you find a plan that suits you and your site, simply purchase and download.



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