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Tender Drawings    Supervision & Certification

Stage One – The Initial Design Consultation

Cottage renovation and extension Cottage renovation and extension

We always start your project’s journey with the initial design consultation.

The initial design consultation is where our experienced architect will meet with you at your site or home to discuss all your projects ideas and your budget. If it is not possible to meet on site we can make arrangements to accommodate or meet somewhere of convenience.  Once you have conveyed your brief to our friendly and professional architect he will take some preliminary dimensions. He will then take all this information and go back to our office to start the design process.

The Design Process starts with a Feasibility Study. You can see an example of a feasibility study in the two images above. The two sketches are the proposed renovation of an existing cottage and an extension to the rear. This is a great way for you to picture your projects design in a quick and easy way.

With the feasibility study you can choose to keep us on as your architects and have your planning permission drawings  drafted up and ready to submit within as little as two weeks.

If you don’t require planning permission drawings then thats OK, we can discuss with you what your next steps are to obtaining your dream home.

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Typically the consultation takes up to two hours, it depends on the complexity of the project.

The main objectives of the consultation are:

  • Discuss and understand your aims and requirements
  • Take a few basic measurements to create a simple plan of the existing layout
  • Explain the design by producing hand drawn sketches of the possible solutions.
  • Discuss the proposals and adapt them if necessary to make sure it’s right for you
  • Give you advice on any necessary statutory consents/party wall agreements etc.
  • Talk about budgets and finding the right builder
  • Explain how to move your project forward

“I just couldn’t figure out how to renovate my grandparents old house so I called More Architecture. They gave me some fantastic advice and great plans too.”


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Stage Two – Accurate Schematic Drawings

The next stage of the journey is to carry out a site survey and to develop a set of accurate drawings for your proposed project.

After our architect has presented you with his concept designs and you have agreed your favorite design, he will then begin to develop accurate drawings. The drawings will be up to such a level that they will be suitable for Planning Permission Applications. Building contractors will be able to determine basic costings for your project too.

Following on from the concept design presentation our team will then draft up accurate ‘scheme’ level drawings.

These drawings will be derived from the detailed site survey and will be drafted to a workable scale. During this process due care and consideration will be made to insure the proposed design will comply with the current building regulations.

The level of detail in this drawing package will be suitable for planning permission. If planning permission is required MORE Architecture will clearly outline to you the standard procedures, documents and fees associated with the planning departments during the concept design presentation.

With this drawing package you will be able to get estimated quotes from builders Bare in mind that the level of detail is not high enough for the builder to give you an accurate summary of costings. The quote would just be an estimation. If you require a drawing package that is of a high enough level that the builder can accurately price off then please see Stage Three of your journey.




“There was no hidden surprises, everything was delivered on schedule and on budget.”

Stage Three – Tender Drawings 

House Plans


Once we have obtained planning permission for your project, if it requires it, we most produce detailed tender documents.

Tender documents include all the necessary information for a project to run smoothly. The documents must convey clearly the work that is to be carried out. The documents also state the time frame and budget. This is just the brief outline of what goes into a complete set of tender documents. If your project doesn’t quick require such a high level of detail we can omit some elements from the package. Our architect will clearly outline the procedures in advance.

You maybe asking, what exactly are Tender Documents? 

 Brief outline of the documents that are included in the Tender Documents are as follows

  • A letter of Invitation to Tender,
  • The Form of Tender,
  • Preliminaries: including pre-construction information and site waste management, plan (if required). 
  • The Form of Contract, contract conditions and amendments. This might include a model enabling amendment for building information modelling (BIM), making a BIM,
  • protocol a contractual document,
  • A Tender Pricing Document,
  • Design drawings,
  • Specifications,
  • Collaboration with other design professionals and subcontractors,
  • Bill of Quantities.

Stage Four – Site Supervision and Certification


The detailed drawings and documents are only as good as the team that is implementing them.

You need to appoint an appropriate professional to ensure quality of build. The professional will supervise the major stages of the build. For example when the foundations are being poured, an architect or engineer must be present to witness the work being carried out.

You have two options at this point. You can opt-in and have your project certified or you can opt-out and not have it certified.

There is a significant amount of work and coordination that goes into certification. The certifier must submit high detailed construction drawings into the national Building Control Management System. They are then required to visit your site during the major construction processes. Which is an average of 16 visits. 

This is good practice, it insures quality of build for you and peace of mind. It also means that the building contractor can’t take a shortcut to increase his profit but leave you with an inferior building. 

Free MORE Architecture Consultation

You are more than welcome to avail of our free complimentary design consultation with our architect. Here you can discuss your ideas, brief and your favorite designs that you seen somewhere else.

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