MORE Visualisation Suite portrays your project’s story through beautiful imagery


Low resolution images and videos

Low resolution image








All projects are unique in some way or another. We understand that and we have designed the suite based on this observation. You may wish to just get a quick idea of how your project will essentially look and so a series of Low Resolution Images and videos would be best suit for your project.

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High resolution images and videos

Visualisation Suite

Alternatively, you may be a professional who design projects for your clients.  You may then require a lower volume of content but at a much higher resolution.  These high resolution images would be perfect for presentations, where you need to sell your design to your client.

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3D floor plans

3D Floor Plan

3D floor plans are such a useful tool. They illustrate to you exactly how the spaces within your project will interact with the lives of the occupants. The floor plan will show you how much space is left over once the it is furnished. They give you a feel for colour schemes and finishes within the rooms.

3D walkthroughs and flyovers

 Walkthroughs are where we create videos that mimic the client walking through the house passing from room to room. Flyovers mimic a camera passing over the top of the project as if attached to a drone.

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