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Renovating or Extending?

Renovating or Extending?

Meeting with an Architect before you get stuck into your project will save you TIME and MONEY

A good Architect will advise you on how to reduce making timely costly mistakes, on how to avoid getting a bad design, or spotting a dodgy builder and how to get Planning Permission for your project if it needs it

Need ideas for your project 


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MORE Architecture Ltd. will visit you on site so we can see your project in person. During our on site design consultation, you can tell us your ideas and plans, we will then help you form a realistic budget for your project along with loads of really useful information that will help turn your ideas into reality.

Our on site design consultation is quite intensive, you will be given so much information that day it would be best to have a note pad and pen at the ready. 

You will also be giving sketches and designs specific to your project during our consultation for no extra charge. You are free to go to another designer to develop them up if you wish. However, we would obviously rather if you choose us to develop them into working drawings.


Sometimes engaging with an architect can be a difficult step, so an initial consultation is a good way to find if the architect is right for you. My wife and I recently spent an incredibly worthwhile hour with Rory and Ian of More Architecture as we discussed our potential project. It is an interesting dynamic to watch the boys bouncing ideas and teasing them out, and throughout the consultation process bringing a contemporary and fresh angle to something we had spent a long time thinking and stressing over. During the consultation Rory and Ian brought some amazing ideas and I would not hesitate in recommending More Architecture fully and completely, they were a pleasure to deal with and we hope to complete the project with them in the near future.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rory and Ian. I have had no experience working with architects and had no idea what to expect, the guys made me feel at ease straight away with their extremely professional approach. They are straight talking and very diligent, they worked very hard on my project. They managed to stretch my budget to meet our brief and the result is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Having had no previous experience with architects, I didn't know what to expect, however when I met Ian & Rory I felt at ease in their company & knew we'd work well together. I explained what I was looking for & they listened, delivering a design concept that is practical & sensitive to my budget & the existing house & environment. The lads are professional, creative, honest & straight to the point. I highly recommend them as they deliver on their promise & have a wicked sense of humour to boot. Ian & Rory are two of the best & it's being a privilege to work with them.

For data protection reasons the above images used in the testimonials are avatars of our actual client’s, but the reviews are 100% genuine 

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By meeting with a good Architect as a very first step of your project, you will be instantly put at ease. S/he will guide you in making your initial steps to getting that dream home you have always wanted

Have you just bought a house which you are going to renovate?

Have you inherited a family home that needs to be renovated?

Have you built a house a number of years ago but you want to make alterations to it now?

Get your ideas for your dream house out of your head and on paper today. 

A good Architect will be able to transfer your ideas into beautiful drawings so your builder can construct them.

Do you need ideas from an Architect?

Balrath house perspective

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Need ideas for your project 


Who are we?

MORE Architecture is a midland based design studio offering architectural and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. Formed in 2016, our office is focused on exciting projects of small to medium scales.

Our work is guided by a commitment to create modern solutions sensitive to the unique characteristics of each location. Our aesthetic is warmly minimal with careful consideration of light, space and materials to create an enduring architecture of functional beauty. As an architectural practice with a background steeped in construction we can efficiently deliver a project from the preliminary design and planning stages through to the fine detailing of finish elements. We ensure a high level of client service and project management culminating in exquisitely designed and detailed buildings.

MORE Architecture Ltd. Team

How to get started

Start by completing the contact form below and one of our members of staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.

F.A.Q. and Terms and Conditions

  1. How much does the On-Site Design Consultation cost?
    1. The On-Site Design Consultation is charged at an hourly rate of €150+VAT
  2. How much will the VAT be?
    1. The VAT that is applied is 23%
  3. Would an hour be enough time for the On-Site Design Consultation?
    1. An hour can be enough, but an hour will go by very fast. Previous clients have recommended two hours as the perfect length of time. The second hour is discounted by 20%.
  4. Is there any travel expenses that will apply?
    1. If your project is located more than 10km from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath there will be travel expenses of €0.60 per kilometre.
  5. How do I redeem the 20% discount?
    1. The discount is only applied to the second hour if you oped in for it. The discount will be applied at the time of scheduling of the appointment. 
  6. What if I need to cancel or postpone the On-Site Design Consultation?
    1. Once you notify us of your cancellation three hours before the appointment time we will fully refund you.
    2. You can postpone your appointment up to three hours before the appointment time.
  7. What payment methods are accepted?
    1. We accept cash and electric payments only. We do not have a card machine. If you are paying cash you will have to call into our office with it no later than three hours before the appointment time.
  8. When do I have to pay for the On-Site Design Consultation?
    1. To complete the booking process you must pay in full no later than three hours before the appointment time. Please ensure you allow for bank operating times, weekends and any other transaction delays.
  9. What happens if I don’t get to pay before the three our deadline?
    1. If we do not have receipt of payment in full three hours before the appointment time we will have no choose but to inform you that your appointment have been cancelled.
  10. What happens if my appointment is cancelled?
    1. If your appointment gets cancelled because we had not received payment in time, you can simply reschedule for another time. 
  11. What happens if you have paid in full but the payment was not processed three hours before the appointment time and the appointment was cancelled?
    1. In this case we will either give you a full refund or you can simply reschedule your appointment. So please ensure you allow for bank operating times, weekends and any other transaction delays.
  12. What are your pricacy policies?
    1. None of your details that you provide us is shared with any third parties. Your information is stored on an encrypted server or in a project file which too is not shared with any third parties. 
    2. By providing your details to us you may receive marketing material but we will always provide an unsubscribe option if you no long with to receive our marketing material. 

Need ideas for your project