How proportions produce beautiful houses

How proportions produce beautiful houses

Proportion can make or break your house plans. Most people who are not trained in architecture do not under stand this so let me show you with the help of these two examples.

Bad proportionsGood proportions

Proportion is a central principle of architectural theory and an important connection between mathematics and art.

Proportions of Man

It is the visual effect of the relationships of the various objects and spaces that make up a structure to one another and to the whole. These relationships are often governed by multiples of a standard unit of length known as a “module”.

As you can see below Leonardo Da Vinci applied the Golden Ratio to the Mono Lisa and so too did the Greeks when they built the Parthenon all those centuries ago.

The Parthenon monalisa


The golden ratio (also called the golden rectangle) is a proportioning system that governs the relationship of smaller parts to the whole. It has long been believed to produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing shapes in nature, and as such has been used in many works of art and architecture.

Having good proportions internally and externally is as important and symmetry. Some architecture may not require it, but I find in my experience people generally like to have a symmetrical house rather than a completely random house. Well its all about taste. Architecture doesn’t have to always follow these guild lines, as long as the designer knows what he or she is doing. I have previously found that most Irish house designers neglect the importance of proportions when designing their clients dream home.

Here is a beautiful example of symmetry and perfect proportions of a well known Irish building. The Irish Customs House.

example of good proportions


When choosing the professional that is to design your dream home ensure that they truly understand the magnitude of proportions and how they play an integral part in the look and feel of a house.

Have a look at their previous work and keep an eye out for windows that are too small for the facade or long narrow structures or worse again tall narrow structures. These are but a few key areas that suggest the designer is not right for your project.

This is How proportions produce beautiful houses…..

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