Ankerland House – Modern design vernacular form

The new dwelling is to be constructed on a greenfield site surrounded by mature trees/hedging and agricultural fields with views to the ‘Ben of Fore’. The siting of the proposed house should complement the environment it sits in and not visually impact on the setting.

Following this, the placement of the dwelling is vital, here you can see the impact of moving the dwelling down the hill. As such, our thoughts for the dwelling evolved around the following concepts:

  1. Recess the dwelling into the hill to settle it into the site;
  2. Using readily available materials such as steel to achieve cantilevers and the internal stairs;
  3. Consider phased construction while designing;
  4. Create a service core to bring down costs and maximise space;
  5. Maximise solar gain and views;

Siting of the house

Design Principles

The design principles and conceptual ideas outlined in the development sketches above, start with settling the proposed dwelling into the site. The dwelling is placed at the base of the hill to shelter and nestle the dwelling into the site. As seen in the development sketches placing it here provides more privacy for the family.

Site Layout Plan

The approach to the dwelling will follow the line of the road from an existing farm entrance. Bringing the user along the mature hedge and under the beech trees. As one of the main features of the proposal is to be the use of steel, the upper floor is cantilevered over the ground floor to create a covered patio area outside the living space.

Floor Plans

There is also a covered parking area to the rear of the ground floor. This covered parking gives the option of expansion in the future. To increase the relationship between the proposed dwelling and the landscape a view to the hill of ben will be captured between the two beech trees.

External Perspective Elevational Perspective

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