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Conbarry House – Internal Alterations on a Two Storey Detached Dwelling

Conbarry House – Internal Alterations on a Two Storey Detached Dwelling – The existing dwelling is badly insulated so it is very cold. Addressing the upgrade of the external fabric is essential. Subsequently, the next priority is to redesign the ground floor layout. Currently, the kitchen dining living is small and prove to be awkward spaces for daily living. Not to mention when even just slightly larger groups are gathered.  There is an existing playroom but it is accessed via two doors from the kitchen. It is too disconnected to the main living areas. To access the stairs from the front door you have to either pass through the main sitting room or via the kitchen/dining. This is obviously not ideal. The main sitting room is extremely cold and is not used very often. This room is north facing and has two large windows making up the front external facade. Upstairs has its own issues but generally is not as bad as below. Some minor works will make a huge difference here. There is a really nice south facing garden so we will be utilising this as much as possible. A garage, hallway, utility and w.c. are attached to the east facade of the house and can potentially be utilised.

 Conbarry House Existing Ground Floor Plan

Proposed Internal Alterations

As you can see the main living spaces have now been prioritised to the south of the house. Resulting in warm, bright rooms that encourage the inhabitants to move in and out of the garden areas. The kitchen and dining are relocated to the east where the garage was and utilises the existing level changes. You can see you have an initial step down from the entry point to the kitchen and then again another step down to the dining. This also creates a flush finish with the dining room and the existing patio outside.

The main living room is moved from the north to the south and is open to the rest of the main ground floor spaces. There is plenty of built-in storage within this room and can easily hold books toys etc. The fireplace creates a partial boundary between the study and the living room. The workstation of the study is established off the back of the fireplace and is beautifully lit by the southern sun.

 Conbarry House proposed floor plans

Other Key Alterations

You may have noticed that we moved the utility to the north. This ensures that a room that doesn’t require direct sunlight is blocking another room that does. We reinstated the original hallway, closing off the existing sitting room but now we have turned it into the gym. This room is ideal for the gym. It is large enough is well lit and it is always a little cooler than the other rooms due to its orientation.

Another really nice feature of this design is the space you move into once you pass through the entry point. You are immediately greeted by a large window that incorporates a luxurious window seat and composes a beautiful view of the garden via a proposed mature tree.

You may have also noticed a playroom mezzanine above the kitchen. This is open to below on two sides and is lit up by three large roof light. You can see this in the sectional perspective below.

Conbarry House sectional prospective

The upstairs has had a slight alteration to includes moving the master bedroom from a north facing room to the south and to convert a poorly lit old bedroom into a large walk-in wardrobe. Bedroom to is greatly improved and made larger as a result of shortening the length of the hallway. Other from that the first floor plan is as exists.


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