Downes ResidenceThe brief for this project was relatively straight forward. Renovate the existing farmhouse and extend where necessary to accommodate three bedrooms, open plan living spaces, a mudroom/utility to service the farm and house hold jobs.

We presented a number of concept designs to the client, but the featured design in this post was the main one.

It ticked all the boxes within the brief and did so with a little flare.

In the perspective view you can see the farmhouse is being kept while the old stone sheds are being rebuilt with a wider footprint to allow for a more spacious living area. We purposely left the external finish blank in the perspective sketch so we could have a Perspective sketch of proposeddiscussion about possible material choices. Stone would work really nice here, but so too would zinc cladding or even a more agricultural look by using corrugated metal sheets as the cladding.

In the floor plan you can see the existing farmhouse walls marked in black and the extended areas marked in red. Visitors enter the property between the farmhouse and old outbuildings as the driveway rises up about a meter higher than the front of the house.
For everyday use you descend the set of stairs to a lower patio area and enter the house via the mudroom/utility. Here any mucky gear from the farm or rain coats can be discarded prior to entering the main living spaces.



Proposed Site Plan_Alternative

As you enter the kitchen you are greeted with an open, modern layout. The layout is actually ‘broken plan’, meaning that by using solid features in the middle of the room to break up the spaces but not connecting to any wall, you have an open plan space but have a sense of privacy within each zone.


Proposed First Floor


The master bedroom is located downstairs with access to the bathroom and its own changing area. Upstairs are two generous bedrooms, hot press and another bathroom.

Commencement of works are planned for Summer 2018.


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