Enhancement Concept Manual for Mastertech Business Park and Environs



This Enhancement Concept Manual for the Mastertech Business Park and Environs sets out potential ideas to improve legibility and sense of place of Longford’s south western approach.

The aim of the vision statement is to:

Suggest interventions to deliver improved legibility, permeability and placemaking initiatives to create a safer, a more attractive and useable environment for residents and businesses.

We are delighted to announce that we have completed a project for Longford County Council to enhance the Mastertech Business Park and Environs of Longford Town. This was a report based project and is a visual and informative tool to aid Longford County Council in progressive works within their jurisdictions.


The guiding principles as the basis of a conceptual framework are as follows:

Longford County Council

  1. Put people first; (re)design spaces and circulation routes on a ‘human scale’.


  1. Put vehicles second; (re)design spaces, signage and boundary treatments for moving vehicles.


  1. Promote links toward the Royal Canal Greenway and toward Longford town centre.


  1. Improve boundary treatments generally for safe coexistence of pedestrians and vehicles.


  1. Ensure consistency in design and use of materials in line with Longford’s character and heritage.


  1. Resist overdesign and the use of high maintenance materials and finishes.


  1. Ensure that all enhancement proposals / works can be readily applied to neighbouring strategic sites.





Signage – Before and After

At first glance it’s clear that the legibility of individual unit signage is very difficult to read and in its current guise presents a somewhat ad-hoc appearance to an important section of the N63. There is no apparent placement strategy other than trying to stand out to fast moving vehicles. In the first instance, a coherent strategy for placing unit signage would benefit the entire roadside elevation as well as establishing a considered gateway before entering into the town.

Shop Front Shop Front Longford

Footpath and Cycleway – Before and After

Observing pedestrian movement and carrying out a visual inspection of the footpath there were a number of shortcomings that impact safe and convenient pedestrian movement. Such as:

  1. Street lighting present on one side only and is opposite to the primary used footpath.
  2. The footpath serving the Farranyoogan residential area is excessively long with no street furniture, bins or visual features of interest.
  • Unfinished ‘drop kerbs’ limit universal pedestrian movement.
  1. Straight roads promote motorist speeding.


Key design considerations:

  • Footpaths must be based on universal design principles.
  • Improvements are required to key junctions and pedestrian crossings.
  • Consider options to provide a cycleway.
  • Improve links, where feasible, between the site and the town centre.
  • Consider wider pedestrian and cycleway routes between the canal and town centre.
  • Wayfinding must be improved.
  • Use change of material to slow vehicles.



The above is simply a snapshot of the report. We will look to add to it in the future when items suggested in the report are realised. It has to be said, that it was a pleasure working with Longford County Council on this project and we look forward to a continued working relationship with them.

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