The Pavilion + Stables – A conversion of the stables into accommodation

The Pavilion and StablesThe proposal consists of two elements; the stables and the pavilion.

It must be noted that the stables have been designed to allow a quick reshuffle of walls to create a two bedroom dwelling.

Since the brief was too extensive for the existing footprint we had to expand to allow for storage, garage parking and a self contained apartment complete with a music studio.

So what we did in this case was flip the predictable idea. We propose to convert the stables into the self contained apartment. It is designed to create a
natural link to the pavilion but also to maximise solar gains.

Perspective 2b

We also felt that the music room should be located as far from ‘inconvenienced’ ears as possible, and what better place for a sound proofed windowless room but than the northerly tip of the stables.

The pavilion comprises of the lower level and the upper level. The lower level
contains generous storage, a two bay car port, the main entrance, a utility and a dedicated area for plant, utilities,
heating systems and fuel store.

Axo renderedThere is also two extra parking spaces located between the pavilion and the
stables to cater for the stable’s occupants and for visitors as required.

A water feature in the centre of the courtyard will act as a focal point and a turn about.

As you can see in this conceptual sketch of the upper level you enter the dwelling via a stairs from the level below up onto a linear hallway.

Directly off the initial landing is the sleeping quarters, with the master bed including a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. The main W.C is also situated in this area.

As you follow the hallway passed the floor to ceiling windows you come to the the living area.

The living area is a modern open-plan space. It has a functional kitchen, island and breakfast bar with a dinning area incorporated into a solid feature.

The opposite side of this feature is the fire place, fitted with a solid fuel burner and back boiler.

The living room enjoys the sense of privacy created by the solid structure but is still part of the overall living space.

A flush threshold linear patio with floor to ceiling windows floods the living space with natural light and acts as an invitation to the elevated private garden.

The natural boundary created by the mature hedgerow on the western flank of the property can be upgraded to increase the screening between the existing and proposed dwellings.

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